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“LANYC” is put together from footage of a train journey from Los Angeles to New York City. The film (45mins), made in collaboration with Hans Diernberger, meditates on the mundanity of train travel across the continent of the USA. The transcendence of mundanity was an expansive but often forgotten concern of the late composer Harry Partch and my musical contribution to the film has in mind his nostalgic mythologizing of himself as a romantic Hobo figure who roamed the american continent on these same "railroads".

LANYC was nominated for the Marl International Media Prize 2016 and exhibited at Q18, Cologne in November 2017. The work is presented with a multi channel sound environment. Below is a preview with a suggestive stereo sketch of the music. The harmonicas and the incidental 'background' sound are of equal importance.

As a work for cinema, LANYC was shown at the Cinema Beltrade in Milan as part of the Arte E Parte programme, 2019, devised and curated by Susanna Schönberg. It was more recently on show at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg.